Replace A Malfunctioning Gasket Seal On A Freezer Compartment's Door

Posted on: 23 June 2016

The gasket seal on your refrigerator's freezer door is a vital part that will ensure that food remains frozen while it is stored. If the seal on the freezer door is coming loose and the door will no longer stay shut, replace it with a new seal by completing the following steps. 


  • screwdriver
  • dish detergent 
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • cleaning cloth
  • vinegar
  • replacement gasket seal
  • talcum powder
  • thin paintbrush

Remove The Damaged Seal And Clean Around The Door

Loosen the screws that are holding the freezer door's interior panel in place. Pull the panel slightly away from the door. Lift the damaged seal out of the track that it is lying in and over the door's panel. Clean the track that the gasket was covering with soapy water and a cleaning cloth. Afterwards, wipe the door with a cloth that has been dipped in plain water.

If there are any foul odors present on the edge of the door, pour a small amount of vinegar onto a clean cloth and wipe around the door to neutralize the unpleasant scents. Dry the areas that you cleaned with another cloth.

Install The New Gasket Seal

Purchase a gasket seal that is the proper size for the freezer compartment. You can bring the old one with you to an appliance store if you are unsure of which type to buy. Stretch one corner of the seal over the door's panel and line it up over the track that surrounds the door. Pull the remainder of the seal over the panel and line it up in the same manner. Inspect the gasket from all sides to make sure that it is lying flat.

Secure The Interior Panel With Hardware

Push in the freezer door's panel and use a screwdriver to tighten the hardware. Close the freezer door to make sure that the seal is working properly. Sometimes, new gasket seals stick and may make it difficult to open the doors that they are attached to. If you have to struggle to open the door, use a thin paintbrush to apply a thin layer of talcum powder on the seal's surface. This will eliminate excess moisture and make it easier to open and close the door.

Once the door has been opened and closed several times, the freezer door will open with ease and you will not need to add anymore talcum powder.

Maintain the new gasket seal by using a cleaning cloth to wipe it off occasionally with mild detergent that has been mixed with water. Rinse the seal's surface with plain water and dry it afterwards. Basic maintenance steps will keep the gasket seal clean and prevent residue from damaging its surface. If replacing the gasket doesn't keep your freezer any colder, contact a refrigerator repair professional in your area.