Professional Refrigerator Moving Services

Posted on: 14 February 2023

Appliance movers use special techniques to prepare and transport refrigerators, dryers, washers, and other large appliances. If you need your upright refrigerator moved to your new residence, hire a team of movers who are equipped to move the appliance model that you own.

Appliance Movers

Appliance movers are trained to pack and transport equipment that contains mechanical parts. The compressor and the other electrical components within a refrigerator unit are susceptible to damage if the appliance is not packed and stored properly. An appliance moving crew uses padded covers, dollies, and straps to secure and transport heavy appliances. A vehicle that comes equipped with security features is used to store appliances that will be transported.

All of the steps that a team of refrigerator movers conducts prevent an appliance from enduring physical flaws. An appliance that has been carefully maintained throughout the moving process will not encounter any operational issues. A moving crew will set up an appliance in its new location. This step will include plugging the appliance in and ensuring that it is operating properly.


Contact a representative of an appliance moving company. The representative will record information about the appliance that you own, your current location, and the location where you would like the appliance moved to. The size and model of your refrigerator may require some custom packing and moving strategies. 

Remove all of the food from the refrigerator. Store all of the perishable items inside coolers that contain ice. Remove all of the drawers from the refrigerator. Secure bubble wrap around each drawer and pack them inside corrugated cartons or plastic moving containers.

If you own a refrigerator model that needs to be defrosted, unplug the appliance. Leave the door to the refrigerator open. During the defrosting process, any ice that has formed inside the refrigerator will melt. Once the defrosting process is complete, clean and dry each storage chamber within the refrigerator. 

On the day that the moving crew will be loading the refrigerator into a commercial moving vehicle, the refrigerator will be further prepared for the transport process. The moving crew will tape the refrigerator door shut. They will use an insulating material to wrap the refrigerator and sliders will be placed under the appliance. The refrigerator will be pushed and strapped onto a dolly. Then, the refrigerator will be pushed outdoors and loaded onto the moving truck.

Contact refrigerator movers in your area to learn more.