What To Do After A Washer Leak

Posted on: 27 February 2019

Washer leaks are both messy and inconvenient. If you use your washer regularly, you probably won't be able to use it while it's leaking. This means you'll have to try and get this issue sorted as soon as possible.

The main challenge with washer leaks is that there are many possible causes. Unless you already know about an existing issue with the washer, you may have to take a little bit of time to identify the issue and fix it.

Unplug the Washer and Dry Water

Before anything else, it's important to ensure that you're working in a safe environment. If the floor near the washer is wet, you could slip and fall. If there are nearby sockets or appliances, this can also create an electrical hazard. Therefore, it's a good idea to ensure the washer is unplugged before you attempt any work on it, and the floor should also be free from water.

Check the Hose Pipes Behind the Washer

In many households, the washers are positioned to be out of the way. However, this means that the parts you'll need to inspect may not be within easy reach.

To be able to access the back of the washer, you'll need to move the washer forward a little bit. This will allow you to tighten the hoses at the back of the washer. A loose hose pipe is one of the most common reasons behind washer leaks.

Identify the Position of the Leak

The position of the leak can tell you a lot about what is causing it. A leak from the detergent drawer means you may be using the wrong detergent while a leak near the bottom could be from a damaged seal. A leak from around the door will probably be due to a worn gasket.

When you've identified the location of the leak, you'll know whether you can fix the washer or whether you'll need an expert's assistance.

Call a Professional

The idea of calling a professional should never be too far from your mind. Washer repair can be very difficult. While you may be able to locate the source of the leak, fixing it and knowing what caused it may be beyond you. There are many washer fixes that a homeowner can handle on their own. However, it's a good idea to let a washer repair expert take over if you're not sure you'll be able to do a good job.