Dryer Troubleshooting

Posted on: 29 May 2019

When the dryer is not working, it can be quite a problem to work out what is wrong with it. Fixing it may not be such an issue, but first things first, the diagnosis must be completed. There are a few parts that can fail, including the heating element, the motor, and other smaller parts. There are two main reasons why problems arise: wear and tear and blockages to the lint traps or vents.

In either case, dryer repair is the next step. Try these troubleshooting options first.

Check the power

Regardless of the type of dryer you use, there will be a plug that goes into the wall. It could be that there is a tripped breaker and all you need to do is switch it off and then back on. If it is a gas dryer, it may be the outlet that tripped. Simply press the reset button on the plug.

Check the start switches

If the start switch is at fault, there will be no action from the dryer. The same applies to the door switch. Try pushing the door switch, and if there is not a clicking sound then you could have found the location of the fault. If it clicks, it is fine. To find the starter switch you will need to get to the dryer housing. Look at the meter, and if infinite resistance is measured, you will know the cause of the problem and you can call someone to repair your dryer.

Check the thermal fuse

The main power supply will be interrupted when this fuse blows. It means the temperature is now too high. Try a continuity test, and if it has blown then replace it. Now you need to find out what is causing the overheating. Make sure the dryer is not squeezed into an area where there is no room for air to flow around it.

Check the rest

The driver belt can break, and a sign of this will be a humming noise coming from the dryer. This could be the issue even when it is clear that the drum is not tumbling. Once you have had a good look, it is likely that you may still need to look for further reasons why you will need dryer repair. The blower mechanism could also be a culprit. There is the likelihood that something has gotten stuck in the blower and is stopping it from turning.

Whatever the problem is, you hopefully have the information needed to carry out dryer repair. If not, you will need to contact an appliance repair company and have a member of their staff look at the dryer for you.